Facebook’s Jane Schachtel Makes 5 Predictions for a Mobile-First Future

Jane Schachtel’s (Facebook) five predictions for what a mobile-first future will look like. Mobile technology is predicted to become the norm in the future.


She says that the importance of buying smartphones into high-growth countries, such as Indonesia and India, will prompt companies to make better devices to be sold at lower prices.



She says that newer mobile solutions are going to emerge for those people who want to buy and sell items online. Though a lot of businesses are already conducting operations online, many of them still need to improve their business models to cater to users of smartphones, tablets and similar devices.



Schachtel sees a need for mobile phone manufacturers to stand out from each other, as there are already a lot of devices on the market offer similar features/designs. She suggests marketing messages that are more personally relevant and authentic. In addition to this, she predicts that we’re going to see more companies creating accessories, such as selfie cams and watches, to pair with certain smartphones for stronger customer loyalty.



She states that when 5G networks will start to emerge, networks will need to be faster and more reliable to keep up with the huge volume of content people will consume each day. Newer ways will also be created to improve video delivery on slower networks. Schachtel emphasised that brands need to pay close attention to this trend. Read how to use Instagram for Marketing



She expects to see more device-to-device connections. Also, companies will heighten their efforts to convince us why smartphones and tablets are meaningful to our lives, not just smart pieces of technology.

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