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Anoka residents, businesses and old car enthusiasts are burning rubber about upcoming changes in the popular Anoka River Run Classic Car Show. But everyone seems to agree on one thing: The show must go on.

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In the short video , a man walks out of his house and gets behind the wheel of one of Google's robotic cars , a Toyota Prius equipped with an array of high-tech gadgetry including radar, lasers, and cameras.

Jake ts401 autel & abs scanner tool

On the production research side, the current cost of producing a fuel cell vehicle is too high and needs to get much closer to the cost of producing a hybrid vehicle in order to make it market viable.

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Notes ↑ Another name for a kilogram-force. Not to be confused with "kilopounds", meaning 1,000 pounds of mass. ↑ A non-SI unit of force equal to 1,000 pound-force. Newtown car fire prompts I-84 shutdown

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