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Auto Moto ) The vehicle has two major ticks in its checkbox: a bang-for-the-buck fuel system that coughs up 83mpg on the 150cc Honda-designed GY6 engine, and a full windshield and sunroof we've seen only in the two-wheeled Honda Gyro Canopy on Singapore roads, to keep out the elements.

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7 Drill several holes into the back of the car. Place the weights inside the holes until the car weighs just under 5 ounces. Glue the weights in place with wood glue. How to Make a Gravity-Powered Car OBD Diagnostic √ This is welcome news for a lot of

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Volkswagen is not the only automaker planning to make carbon fiber autos; so are BMW and Mercedes. You can find the full spec list for the XL1 here . FWB band battles for fest spot; Sinfonia joins medical program

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2 Place the Panasonic mounting collar into the vehicle's stereo mounting dock. Push the collar into the dashboard until you hear a click , signifying that the collar is fully seated in the opening.

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The project, he said, gives Tennessee a front-row seat in what could amount to one of the biggest technology transitions in automobile history. scanner launc

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There's no doubt the 6 Series drives brilliantly for such a big car, thanks to a new lighter, stiffer chassis, intelligent dampers and a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8

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The problem is, that when you take your frustrations out on your near-and-dear, you punish him for something outside his control. There’s nothing he did that caused your problems with the car, the traffic, your boss, the computer, the tech, the gas station, and nothing he could do to make tho

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Related stories Beware this big iOS flaw -- and it's not alone 10 must-see videos of the week Why Apple, Google, and the auto industry need BlackBerry QNX iPhone users are 'wall huggers,' says BlackBerry CEO Ex-Apple CEO Sculley said to have Indian smartphone plans . A rush of sho

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slide 4 of 10 User Interface Rating What's Hot:nbsp RoboForm is very easy to use. It will auto-detect when you enter a login for a website, and offer to save it. Logging into the website the next time is as simple as selecting it from a list, or using search if you are managing a lot of logins. Auto

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A St. Paul ordinance also prohibits leaving a car unattended while it's running. It requires that the driver turn off the engine, lock the ignition and take the key when leaving a car on streets, alleys or parking lots. Michael Jordan, public information coordinator for the St. Paul Police Departmen

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