What are the characteristics and weaknesses of the shaped diamond

 What are the characteristics and weaknesses of the shaped diamond, and how does its price compare with the round diamond monogram necklace[link]? For example, the common weakness of the horse-eye, heart, pear, and princess squares are that they have sharp corners. For diamonds with complete cleavage, they are the most vulnerable here and are easily broken by impact. Horse-eye, pear-shaped diamonds have a shadow bow, not all of which is totally reflected. In addition, usually the shaped diamond is easy to show a yellow tone. For example, diamonds and round diamonds of the same I color are not easy to feel yellow from the tabletop due to total reflection of light, while other shaped diamonds custom name rings, especially horse-eye and pear-shaped diamonds. It is easy to feel the yellow tone, and it is difficult to observe the yellow tone only when it is above the G color. The most important point is that the rough diamonds of these shaped diamonds are higher than round diamonds, and the price of shaped diamonds of the same grade is lower than that of round diamonds.


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