iMX6UL development board simulation U disk reference: kernel source code: / kernel directory / Documentation / usb / directory

Gadget-testing.txt mass-storage.txt File URL: Backing Storage for the Mass Storage Gadget

Proceed as follows:

1, configure the kernel:

Save the configuration, compile the kernel: make zImage

Compile kernel module: make modules

Write the image. . . . .

2, create a backup storage file

This step is equivalent to creating a disk drive.

Next partition the disk drive:

3, load the driver module

At last:

The above steps refer to the article listed at the beginning of the article. If you are not sure, you can go to the website to view it.

Used commands:

* dd

* fdisk

* insmod

* modinfo

Above is the usb backup free download Gadget iMX6UL development board simulation U disk full text introduction, hope to help you learn and use the linux system development.

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