usb backup  reviewsIn order to conveniently use flash memory and other digital devices, the author specifically installed WinMe (the computer performance is poor, there is no better choice WinXP), so every time you use flash memory never need to install any driver, the use has always been normal. On this day, my friend wants to copy MP3 from me and use a flash memory. The author plugs it into the USB port as usual. The flashing indicator light does not turn on, and 'My Computer' does not find 'Removable Disk'. . Reboot the computer and find that the flash memory has been correctly identified and is lying 'in my computer'. Unplug the flash memory, re-plug it, still can not identify and use, but everything is normal after the restart; In short, tried N times, in addition to a few normal, the others have reproduced the above scene. At first thought it was a virus, with the latest version of Rising killing several times, no results.

Directly open the 'Device Manager' view, did not find any 'yellow exclamation mark' ah, just found 'Universal Serial Bus controller' in the 'USB Mass Storage Device' in front of a green question mark, double-click to view 'Properties' It was found that 'the device is working properly', but the following line prompts: 'some of the features of the device are not available ...', and there is a red cross in front of the 'mini-king' (flash memory) in the 'disk drive'. It seems that flash has been 'identified' but not 'enabled.' Is it that the general driver of WinMe is not perfect, must install flash drive? I tried to install the flash for Win98 driver, the failure remains after restart. Bring flash memory to a computer on the same neighbor where WinMe is installed. There is no problem at all.

It seems to upgrade VIA's 4In1 driver patch again. 'Drive the cat' to the Internet to the latest VIA chipset driver patch down, immediately installed, I thought you're done, did not think the failure remains. Suddenly I saw an introduction to the VIA chipset USB interface driver patch, which is a USB Filter and is said to solve some USB device compatibility issues. The author installed it, restarted, inserted the flash memory, successfully identified! Check the 'Universal Serial Bus Controller' in the 'Device Manager', the 'green question mark' disappeared without a trace! The author can calculate loose Breath.

We all know that the U disk has provided us with great help in logging into the system. If we can skillfully use the U disk flash drive, we can successfully log in to use the Win7 system. Because the Rohos login key can turn any USB flash drive into a secure token for accessing the Win7 system, it can replace the usual system login. Isn't it fresh? Let's take a closer look at our tutorial today.

Why use USB to log in to Windows?

The user does not need to remember and enter the Windows password (but the user's system must be password-protected).

Users can use the u0026rsquo; long digit password u0026 rsquo; but they must comply with security principles.

Enjoy quick and automatic login to Windows. When users insert USB, they will automatically log in to Windows without entering a password.

When the user pulls out the USB, Windows locks automatically.

High Security u0026ndash; Using a PIN code to protect the USB key prevents others from unauthorized use of the key. 'Rohos Logon Keys', how two-factor authentication works.

This option allows the user to unlock the USB key, just press the Win + L key to lock the computer, press the USB icon to enter the unlock interface again, enter the PIN code, unlock the computer.

Protect remote desktop logins and require a credentials dialog.

By default, logging into Windows in secure mode is also protected by Rohos Login Keys.

You can use multiple USB keys to log in to a computer.

You can use a USB key to log in to Windows and Mac.

How Users Use USB to Log In to Windows

Rohos Login Key A USB key login button has been added to the Windows Vista/7 login window.

1. The user inserts a USB flash drive and will prompt for a PIN code (if preset). If you enter an invalid PIN code 3 times or more, the USB key will be locked and you will no longer be able to log in using the USB key.

2. After the correct PIN code is entered, the user logs on to the computer and accesses his own Windows account without entering a user name and password.

3. At any time, the user can disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer and the computer will automatically be locked. 'Rohos login key' can also be set to execute u0026 rsquo; exit u0026 rsquo; or u0026 rsquo; boot screen saver u0026 rsquo; operation when USB is unplugged.

Rohos login key is a computer security software designed to enhance the security of Windows Vista login and prevent intruders (can go to the official download and free trial). The Rohos login key protects the user's personal information and data using USB key and PIN codes based on two-factor authentication technology.

No need to enter a password manually

'Rohos Login Key' has a special function of hiding all user icons on the login screen, and can be set to u0026 rsquo; force the use of USB key to login u0026lsquo;mode.

Emergency login

The software has an emergency login function. When the user loses the USB key or forgets the PIN code, this function can help the user to log in to the Windows Vista system.

Custom USB key login

The Rohos icon that appears in the login screen can be changed or hidden.

Rohos Credential Provider

The Rohos Credential Provider is a special component for Windows 7, which uses a hardware device for user authentication and appears as a user icon in the Windows login interface.

After reading the above tutorial, we want to use the U disk to log on to use Win7 system will need to skillfully use the U disk flash drive Oh, how to make the steps we have in this article have a detailed introduction, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

USB is an abbreviation of English Universal Serial Bus. A usb backup incremental flash drive is a small device used to connect, communicate, and store information between a computer and an external device. It can easily share and transfer information.

USB flash memory has become the mainstream product in the current mobile storage market due to its large capacity, small size, and light weight. Even USB's telephone can't help but recall the childhood fun that we experienced together.

Now that you come up with your USB flash drive, in addition to its most common storage and file transfer features, how many of its lesser-known uses and techniques can you list?

Let's uncover the cool use of USB flash memory:

Can roughly be divided into the following points: play its spy style, give your computer a security lock; save the virus system already; run portable applications, online games and utilities; install and test Windows 8 drive; A try; protect your documents, files; maintain your Windows computer; install a multiple selection system for your MacBook; turn it into a small gift in an emergency.


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Sometime next month, iStick, funded by Kickstarter, will enable iPhones and iPads to easily transfer files to computers and other iOS devices. This feature is implemented through a lightning connector. The thumb drive costs about $1.1 million with a slider button in the middle that allows the user to switch between the standard USB connector and the lightning connector. At the same time, this device is equipped with 8-128GB of storage space.

Although the iStick can be automatically recognized by the computer as a USB storage device, the iOS file system still requires the user to install application management files. In iOS, you can use a USB stick to transfer files or let the device connect directly with the function of the thumb drive.

iStick is produced by Sanho. In terms of selling price, iStick 8GB device is priced at 129 US dollars, followed by the price of 399 US dollars to rise to 128GB device. Of course, there will be corresponding preferential policies in the initial stage of listing.

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