FlashBoot (Start U disk creation tool) FlashBoot is a tool to create usb flash boot disk, the software has a highly customizable features and a wealth of options, compatible with all usb key backup software disk, for some 512M large capacity U disk compatibility is very it is good.

Features: Support BartPE-Bart pre-installation environment boot CD convert to usb flash boot disk; support transfer of DOS kernel from win9x to usb disk; support boot from floppy disk to create usb; support usb boot disk from bootable CD; make Windows NT/2000 / XP password recovery and production with NT/2000/XP bootloader usb disk; support usb flash disk copy and so on.

1, making DOS boot U disk:

Using FshB00t software, you can usually create DOS boot disks in two modes (USB-HDD and USB-ZIP) as follows:

Open FlashB00t (see Annex 1 for software) as shown below:

Select 'Create a bootable flash drive with mini DOS system' u0026 rdquo;

If you do not have a ready-made DOS floppy disk image, select 'Use built-in FreeDOS',

Use the software's own DOS image file to create a bootable USB drive.

Select USB-ZIP boot mode: (Also select USB-HDD mode, confirmed by computer)

2, U disk boot disk production:

Follow the above steps to complete the DOS boot disk production, and select the USB-ZIP mode, as long as booting from the computer boot.

Then, download 'USB-ZIP-WinPE.rar compression package' (see Annex 2), the inside of the file to the U disk can be released under the root directory, attention must be U disk root directory! Wow! It's simple enough!

3, U disk boot disk usage:

Insert the U disk into the USB port (preferably temporarily remove other USB devices), restart the computer, press the Del key to enter the BIOS settings in the system self-test interface,

Enter BIOS FEATURES SETUP and set the Boot Sequence to USB-ZIP first. After setting, press ESC to return to the main interface of the BIOS. Select Save and Exit to confirm exiting the BIOS settings. The main menu will appear after the computer restarts. In this way, you can use the various programs provided by the main menu as you like, and you don't have to worry about DOS. PE will make it easier for you to use it. OK, this is the most practical and easiest way to create a large-capacity, multi-function U disk boot disk so far!

In addition, there are a few motherboards that do not recognize the USB-ZIP mode and only recognize the USB-HDD mode, but they still cannot boot. Just download and install the USB-HDD patch.

There are tutorials in the compressed package, super rescue disk _ floppy disk version. ima file

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