windows 10 usb backup imageSoftware version Acronis ABR11 China Partner briefing_201109 trial version. Installation please refer to:

Acronis Backup u0026 Recovery 11 backup and recovery software graphic installation tutorial

The following describes the steps for using Acronis Backup u0026 Recovery 11 backup and recovery software backup.

The demo version for this article is the web-server version.

Open on the desktop

The following main interface appears

In the welcome below you can see the common

The following figure appears after the backup plan is created. There are 4 options.

Backup contents, data to be backed up can be selected: disk/volume

The second type of virtual machine for backup

Third kind: File

When selecting a backup file, you can exclude some files and customize the path

Backup location selection, in the stand-alone version is not focused on this option, the new version supports online backup, which is cloud storage, need to buy.

The personal security zone in the figure needs to be set by itself. The partition is a hidden partition. When the PC system crashes, the boot can be started with F11 to restore the system.

Backup file can also be set

There are multiple backup plans

The first kind, simple

The second, run immediately

The third kind, GFS (grandfather-parent-child), personal understanding is big-medium-small, or year-month-day, saving storage space, and the backup type is cumulative to one-month monthly is full backup, weekly Is an incremental backup, daily differential backup.

Fourth, custom

Can specify full backup, incremental backup, differential backup backup plan

Fifth species, Hanoi Tower

The last one is manually started

Note: Backups can be converted directly to virtual machine format and currently support VMware.

The last is planning parameter settings

Backup options are generally not necessary to set. The backup password can be set in the archive protection options.


At this point, the backup option is complete, click OK, and then a backup activity will be generated, which can be seen at the bottom right of the welcome screen, and then will be backed up according to your backup usb to image settings, OK, today's backup will be finished

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