Connector Basics

Connector miniaturisation has enabled device companies to respond to customer demand with goods that aggregate processing power, space and weight savings in lightweight and robust devices which are in a position to operate all day, even though becoming small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

molex connector definition from pc magazine encyclopediaOnce mating and retention forces are established and documented, molds are made in a tool safe" manner. Tooling is made to produce plastic components that have retention force beneath the preferred level. By removing metal from the tool, the connector becomes bigger and retention force is elevated. Completed in really type of connectors cables modest increments, this approach allows retention force to be dialed in." Sharing mold trial components the design team allows insertion and retention force to be evaluated and adjusted before production parts are manufactured.molex connector tool

After production parts have been manufactured, verification testing will confirm that all specifications, including connector retention force, are met. For non-locking connectors, Design Verification Testing will usually consist of measuring retention force at pre-established intervals during mate and un-mate cycle testing. This will confirm that retention force is maintained more than the design life of the connector.

Deciding on to use a locking or non-locking connector for a healthcare cable assembly is a decision that should be produced early in the life of the project and need to contemplate the user and also how the cable may possibly be utilized.

As it turns out, these cards normally only draw ~25-30W from the motherboard. That leaves ~120W for these two connectors at stock speed. Assuming the card pulls from every single plug equally, thats the limit of the four pin molex spec at stock speed.molex connector pins

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