Amphenol Aerospace Introduces Dualok - The Latest Advancement In D38999 Plug Connec

 sma terminator The analytical expressions, deduced from rigorous analysis by the finite element strategy (FEM)1,two , strategy of moment (MoM)3 and curve-fitting methods, can be effortlessly implemented in CAD simulation tools to design components for wireless communication. rf automotive connectors

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The jacks are made with float on the daughtercard side to accommodate mating tolerances and confirm that the RF interface is bottomed through the full board-to-board tolerance range, keeping a optimistic RF ground and supporting frequencies up to 40 GHz. The modules supply a speak to float of .079 inch, radial misalignment of ±0.010 inch, and a design that offers reputable blind-mating. Contacts are accessible for a wide range of versatile and semi-rigid cable.

The rapidly-mating 2M801 dual-start off ACME thread connector gives a Dualok plug that exceeds MIL-DTL-38999 vibration levels and delivers the highest coupling torque at present obtainable in a micro-miniature connector. rf cable connector nsn The 2M803 attributes a 1/4 turn bayonet coupling for quick mating in general avionics and weaponry applications.

For breakaway applications, such as soldier-worn equipment, the 2M804's push-pull coupling offers swift disconnect. Conversely, the tri-start ACME thread-style 2M805 utilizes an anti-decoupling ratchet for exceptionally secure mating.

The connectors can be internally-filtered for radiated and carried out EMI to improve method efficiency and minimize overall program size, weight and elements.


Chris Van Soest, Director of Marketing and advertising for Amphenol Industrial International Operations, stated, "Industrial product choice and procurement has changed with the Internet. Current and possible consumers usually analysis and select goods online just before speaking with a supplier. It is important to our customers that the correct product for their application is simple to locate online as nicelybe simple to incorporate into their CAD design and style."

Design and style On the internet can be accessed by basically clicking on the 'Design Online' icon on the Amphenol Industrial house page. Customers can also kind design and style.amphenol-industrial.comin their browser.

For more information, please check out http://www.amphenol-industrial.comor e-mail

The VITA 67., 67.1 and 67.2 requirements, which define the RF connector modules for implementation within the OpenVPXâ„¢ architecture, have been ratified by the American National Requirements Institute (ANSI). TE Connectivity's (TE) RF connector modules, which meet these new requirements, have been created for higher-reliability, higher-density aerospace and defense applications that meet the vibration, environmental and corrosion resistance specifications of VITA 47.

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