2012 Nfl Point Spread Choices- Dream Football Difficulty- Week 2

The very first 2010 NFL power rankings are out for week among the NFL season. The 2010 week one NFL power rankings offer credit to the New Orleans Saints, who are fresh off winning the last Super Bowl. The benefit will keep them at the top of these power rankings till there is evidence that they don't belong there. Similarly, the Indianapolis Colts are getting a high level of regard for what they were able to achieve in the AFC last season, and there is no reason to downgrade that team.

23. New John Carlson Jersey (4-5): The Jets were 3-0 at one point. New york city has to handle the Patriots this weekend, indicating that the Jets will probably be even lower in next week's NFL power rankings.

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The Miami Dolphins were the AFC East champs, and for the very first time because 1985 an 11 win team would be excluded of the playoffs. This time it was the New England Patriots.

The AFC West is a department that everyone is providing to the Chargers in NFL preseason possibilities, yet San Diego has weaknesses. If things really get together for the Kansas City Chiefs this year, it's not impossible for them to be a major surprise.

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