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I've been married twice and had excellent wedding times on both events, but my second wedding day particularly stands out in my mind to be the most wondrous, the most personal, the most psychological and consequently the most memorable.The undeniable fact that one day is more remarkable than the other is no reflection on either of my associations' or on the length of time elapsed since the first. I'll try and describe what made one day stand-out above-the other and hopefully you will have the ability to get something from this to make sure your personal wedding day is as special.My first wedding was like a 20 something young woman. I was still living at home, my husband to be was working abroad and my parents were paying-for the wedding. That seemed to have a big impact on what the whole time panned out.Now don't get me wrong, my parents were fantastic and not at all the manipulative kind, but still, decisions seemed to be described as a 3 way issue, with my future husband, of their own choice, going along with pretty much something that was suggested.I did not know my future in-laws well at all, in fact I only met them a few times before the wedding and unfortunately I did not really acknowledge the necessity to include them in our programs. Therefore obviously, due to a lack of connection between individuals some problems became fraught in the run up to the big day.My husband's lack of participation meant that I ended up with an almost text book and elegant but beautiful wedding day in an excellent place, dressed in a beautiful and costly dress. The Priest was demanding and rather disconnected - he didn't really know us. We'd an extremely official sit down 'do' within the day with 'rack of lamb' (I actually do not know what possessed us) and a disco at night with a buffet.The wedding images reveal that everyone had a good time and catch bride, groom and guests looking happy and enjoying them-selves. But even at the time I did so maybe not feel any strong feeling when looking straight back on-the time, besides to consider how charming it all was.My second wedding was as a 40 something older woman and being second time round we were paying for it ourselves. My companion and I'd discussed what we needed, that was something individual and low-key. We selected our tiny Village Church and the Village Hall for that 'do.' My costume was still beautiful - but red this time and the ceremony itself was saturated in wit and love.We had got to know our priest and he made the ceremony particular to us. We sat facing the congregation, aside from the vows and felt that individuals were participating around. We actually got a of applause as my husband kissed the woman (me ).We were driven from the Church to the Village Hall in our next door neighbors pony and trap decorated with fresh flowers (the pony was blind in one single eye - and it was hard to prevent it from going round in circles!) Once there we had a basic buffet, a group made up of my husband's colleagues who insisted on 'participation', a set of songs by another semi-professional performer neighbor and then a and karaoke.The DVD demonstrates every one having a good time, allowing their hair down, embracing, kissing, joking and acting the clown. In-the Church, you can virtually feel the emotion oozing out from the DVD and the photographs are not at all proper. We view the DVD as often as we can because it creates us feel happy and emotional.The true distinction between the two days I think was because the 2nd one was about the people and not about the function. We were surrounded by people who not distant relatives and mattered to us we'd never met. We focused on the important things - how to share our happiness with everyone else - and not what did the announcements seem like or what stand accessories must we have.So, please consider long and hard about how you will make your wedding day your own personal and do not allow yourself to get swept into other people's ideas or believe you have to be traditional. The absolute most important thing is how you'll remember your wedding day in years to come - thus spend time contemplating what is truly important to you.

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