The role of radiation and nitrate testers in the modern age

Frequent concerns regarding the quality of the food people eat and even the quality of the air they breathe are making families from all over the world take a closer look at the things they come in contact with on a daily basis. Problems such as pollution and radiation were once considered too distant into the future to produce tangible harm, but today these are an unfortunate part of daily life. Therefore, more and more people want to have better control over their lives and know exactly if seemingly innocent substances are in fact life threatening. It is for this category of clients that brands such as SOEKS started to create dedicated wellness products that can be used by everyone, without requiring technical expertise. Although there are dozens of gadgets that can be used to test the quality of foods and the environment in general, two stand out as absolute favorites: nitrate testers and radiation testers.

The first device, the nitrate tester, is a great investment for people who want to be extra sure that the food they eat doesn’t contain excess nitrates. Although many imagine nitrates to be present only in semi-processed and junk foods, the worrying truth is that they can even be found in high concentrations in fruits, vegetables, raw meat and even in baby’s food. Therefore, it’s advisable to use nitrate testers to find out the exact amount of nitrates and whether or not the foods that contain them could harm your health in the long run. These devices might seem difficult to use, but in the past years manufacturers have been designing them specially for regular clients. Therefore, they display nitrate concentrations just by pressing a button and the results are easy to read and interpret. You no longer have to contact a professional testing company to take samples or spend huge amounts of money on expensive devices that take a long time to learn to operate.

Another popular wellness gadget is the radiation tester and one example of such product is the Soeks Quantum. Radiation testers aren’t as frequently used as nitrate testers, but they do remain quite popular, especially in areas that have been affected by nuclear accidents. However, many people are using it in other ways too. Since it is believed that modern day objects such as computers and phones give off harmful radiations, specialized testers can be used to see whether or not these radiations are within normal limits or they are more than the human body can withstand. In addition, many companies that conduct work safety tests use these radiation testers on a daily basis. Just like in the case of nitrate level testers, modern radiation testers have been built with ease of use in mind. Thus, they display radiation levels and use the colors green, yellow or red to tell if radiation levels are normal or not.

All in all, wellness devices are now more popular than ever and, given their accessibility and ease of use, it’s very natural that this should happen. Although the results they display are rarely worrying, the presence on the market of such specialized gadget gives people the peace of mind that they can always check the quality of their food and environment themselves.

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