Is Cosmetic Surgery Detrimental To Your Body?

If you've thought you were significantly less than perfect, actually stood in front of the mirror and maybe said any of the following:"If just my lips were thinner/plumper" "My hips/bum is too big/small" I am too thin/fat My boobs are also small/big I have no middle My nose/ears is also big/small I wish I had better hair My teeth are too uneven I've terrible legs Why did God give me such a hideous human body part?Indian Folklore tells the next story, of the Peacock; this story is for you if you ticked the above.The story of the PeacockWhy has The Peacock - Probably the most beautiful creature actually created, got the ugliest feet in the world!When God created the Peacock He was happy, he mentioned, "this creature is totally perfect atlanta divorce attorneys way, he has beautiful jewel-like hues, beautiful dimensions, elegant, stylish. God was so happy, and so was the peacock! He held his head high and strutted in superiority.However, with the passing of time, God became conscious that He was the only one admiring the beauty and perfection of the Peacock.God was astonished to discover that the Peacock went unnoticed and very quickly noticed the bird's perfection was missing a foil to highlight his beauty, the beast was also ideal and for that reason invisible!And so God went back to the drawing board;After some deliberation, God determined that the bird's great beauty will have to be reflected by a catch of identical measure: He offered the Peacock the ugliest feet in the world. The Peacock wasn't happy (it's said that his screech is his shocked reaction each time he sees his feet! ).The beautiful peacockAs the recreated Peacock walked from God on his graceless, cumbersome, colourless feet - heads turned, gasps of awe were heard and the other creatures said, "What a remarkably beautiful creature." It was agreed, unanimously, the Peacock was, and remains today, probably the most beautiful creature of your pet Kingdom.Those who gaze on the Peacock see that he's great in every way. "How incredible, said God: "nobody but the peacock notices his feet! And he has found a compassion and newfound humility in his imperfection."God smiled and was well pleased. He learned his lesson well; when he turned his focus on developing mankind; he appreciated the Peacock, and gave all his young ones unique individual flaws; to emphasize our wonderful proportions, style, elegance and beauty which, subsequently, serves to remind us that nobody is perfect.This could be the account, as I heard it, many years ago. As I did then it is loved by me just as much today. It generally seems to me, it is imperative to accept and enjoy our defects, for without them we would very likely at best, look dull and at worst, be invisible!

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