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Read Scott H. Biram's official online bio and you'll see words and phrases such as "Dirty Old One Man Band," "yodeling," "growling," "leering," "blues," "hillbilly," "punk," "metal," and "Scott Biram won't die." Should make for a pretty entertaining Thursday night at the Hideout.

PJ- Old dudes in Target tee shirts trying to be cool playing old songs is bad. Nerds in costumes doing choreographed rock, getting huge crowd participation is really good. It's a simple formula but not everyone can pull it off. Five hundred shows will do that... but we're just as excited about the next show as we were the first.

Other Plain Band Shapes - There are also other newer plain band shapes such as concave or flat with bevelled edges and D Court (halfway between a D Shape and a Court) etc. The best idea is to try on or look at many different styles and choose what appeals to you. If in doubt it is hard to go wrong with the classic traditional D Shape or Court Shape.

Apart from these channels there are channels like Fox, NBC and ABC that brings you musical talent shows, live performances and much more with DISH Network channels.

Key music industry musicians who belong to bands like the Oasis music band along with national music award nominee Blur and The Happy Monday's music band are considered brand ambassadors for Gio Goi clothing house. The British fashion brand is worn by the likes of British rock stars Amy Winehouse and the Arctic monkeys along with the famous front man of Kasabian, Tom Meighan.

There's always so many great live music options in Chicago that it can be tough to decide what to go see. Here is a roundup of some upcoming shows to hopefully make the decisions a bit easier.

Glee: Season Two has received a great release from Fox visually and especially sound-wise. Although there are a lot of features, they are all very short and there are no commentaries. Overall, it is still a satisfying addition to the Glee merchandise collection.

Eternity rings and half eternity rings have become very popular choices for ladies wedding rings, particularly if the engagement ring is diamond set on the shoulders. It is worth noting that full eternity rings, where the diamonds are set all the way around the band, cannot be sized later, so a half eternity ring is often a more sensible choice. If the engagement ring has diamonds on the shoulders a half eternity can often be found with the same type and setting of diamonds which go the same distance around the band, which will match beautifully with the engagement ring.

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