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Billionaire Boys Club are clothing with two lines that were set up by Ngio and Pharrell Williams, who have been the founder of the actual BAPE clothing. The lines is made up polos, T-shrts, shirts, jeans, knits, and sweatshirts; outwear in cotton, leather and cotton; technical fabrics that include socks, underwear, hats, add-ons and sneakers. These items are usually produced in limited amounts and they are sold at very high costs. Pharrell Williams and Nigo (Japan's fashion icon and was the founder of BAPE (The Bathing Ape) joined together in 2005. Both collaborated in order to create as well as launch teo high quality brands of street-wear known as the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. This brand suffered a few setbacks when the original conception got some disputes between Reebok and Williams. This is because Reebok was meant to release the clothing together with Frozen treats sneaker line. But the sneaker line made this and the clothing line was later postponed as well as the projects came to the finish in the end of the year 04 and early August 2005. By the end of 2005, the company was launched as being a companion to the A Bathing Ape. By August 2011, there were news that surfaced that Jay-Z (a rapper) would partner with Billionaire Boys Club as he is a common collaborator along with Pharrell. Website GQ and Mens clothing magazine initially reported that the licensing had been purchased by Jay-Z to be able to manufacture as well as distribute BBC by use of his own label called Rocawear. However Jay later popularized his account on twitter to declare that it was a relationship and it was not taking the full possession. The Billionaire Boys Club was originally and exclusively being produced in Japan. But according to the current trends, the fashion has been made in China, Korea as well as North america. According to the latest information, the BGC or the Millionaire Girls Club may be the latest brand that has been launched by the BBC. Also, Nigo and Pharrell have already carried out some special; tribute Tokyo by it having a tablet line. TYO as well as a unique astronaut image has changed the Billionaire Boys Club iconic letters. However, there are no actual indications that this brand name will be sold out of Japan. The BBC has flagship store that is within New York City in SoHo as well as an official Ice cream Store that is located in Tokyo, japan Japan. There are several shops that do exist in retail for Billionaire Boys Club as well as Ice Cream clothing and they exist in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. These retail stores are also located in Middle Eastern and also in Asia. Because the launch of Billionaire Boys Club within 2005, the sweatshirts, pants and the tees as well as other apparel that were released, have taken a big impact in the street-wear style. The Billionaire Boys Club has continued to make sure that this fashion is unique and does not flood the market in order to maintain its quality.

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