Advantages of Kitchen Fertilizer Canisters

I love my kitchen for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I love the smell of real home cooking. Whether I'm baking a cake, building a stew or creating a sauce, it often reminds me of youth and visits to my grandmothers home, where cooking and baking were activities. The smell of baking bread, the aroma of home developed herbs and the fragrance of garden plants are all mixed up in my own mind, all associated with warmth, convenience and protection. And that's truly the cause I enjoy kitchen compost bins. Sounds peculiar? Simple with me.Long before recycling was the politically correct move to make, my Nana was careful to store her tea bags, her peelings and her left overs. In fact the only real time I can remember her being annoyed with me was once when I put away the potato peelings and received a firm telling off. She got me outside to see her cherished tulips and gladioli and told me I had deprived them of food; that the herbs, plants and vegetables she increased required all the goodness they might get!So when I'd a home of my own, I always did exactly the same. My first yard was a couple of containers over a bright veranda, but I grew herbs and treasure colored nasturtiums; brilliant flowers which also create great salad. They all gained from the tiny amount of compost my simple woman's kitchen might offer, nevertheless when I got my first real backyard, a spouse and children of my own personal, I also got my kitchen compost bin.It is fantastic to be able to dump all my food waste, confident in the information it will transform to nutritious compost, and because my bin uses Bokashi to produce the compost it requires everything, including bakery, fish and meat so I can happily let my kids clean-up because I do not have to bother about them giving the wrong thing to the garbage disposal unit; virtually everything moves in the kitchen compost bin where it ferments and becomes secure, nutritious compost. Sweet-smelling flowers remain the most powerful scent in my kitchen.Bokashi is a mixture of powerful micro-organisms created from rice bran, since the bin is air tight. These break up your kitchen waste and generate compost a lot faster than my grandmother's technique, which was generally to have a large heap in the garden which took very nearly a complete year to decay. The effect is a great fertilizer; I can return my home waste to the land and begin to see the effects in my garden.I still expand nasturtiums in containers, but my garden is filled fresh lilies, tomatoes, vegetables and my great passion; flowers. Since they get their nutrition from the compost, it would appear that when I feed my children, in a way I also feed my flowers.So when I get the time and energy to make, we get round the dining table, a plate of home produced blossoms in the middle. Turning left-over food into compost isn't a problem of preservation or political correctness. I do not do because I want to save yourself the planet. Home fertilizer bins are just common sense.

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