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The 2011 Ford Focus was a pretty good car; compact, inexpensive, decent distance at 25 mpg in the town and 35 on the highway. May be the 2012 style that far better? Truth be told; it is actually. For 2012 mileage has been significantly increased at 28 mpg in the 38 mpg and city on the freeway. You is capable of 40 mpg on the interstate if you choose to buy the elective SFE deal. Today these are some strong numbers!A several major changes have already been made for 2012 resulting in a new and improved vehicle. A complete overhaul was received by the suspension and as a result it's more finely tuned. A brand new frame can be set up and a cornering aid system has been included which facilitates managing sharp twists and turns in the streets. The brand new type also offers critical technical improvements. My Ford Touch is available that allows one to modify songs on the CD player, regulate audio volume, receive cell phone calls and receive quick traffic information by using your voice. Several traffic accidents occur daily due to distracted people and this feature allows you full get a handle on of your auto's characteristics while keeping practical the tyre. If fuel economy is very important to you then absolutely improve for the SFE style. The engine produces low wastes due to Direct Injection Technology.The engine is a four cylinder 2.0 Liter with 140 horsepower and 146 lb feet of torque. If you desire a sportier drive then select the Titanium Package; this consists of clever 18" wheels, low report summer tires and a tighter suspension. A long listing of safety features are normal including a safety straps which conform to a passenger's elevation, traction control and a camera which lets you see what's behind the car. Stronger pillars are in place which offer extra protection in the event of accidents; the pillar varies in thickness across its length and is stronger in areas where required. Additionally there's also a LATCH program which allows parents to keep kids safely controlled within their seats.The cottage comes with a in-dash compact disk player and has enough space to seat five individuals. A tilt and telescoping steering wheel is in place which may be adjusted to the driver's desire. Other common features include a radio burglary deterrent, light colored windows and a rear defroster. The entire appearance is quite modern and clever because of all the advanced level tech gadgets and lighted guitar settings inside. Trunk space for the sedan is 13.2 cubic feet while the hatchback features a much bigger trunk at 44.8 cubic feet.Pricing starts at $18,790 for the beds base design. What makes the Ford Focus successful is its very cheap price coupled with great fuel efficiency. The price of fuel is causing people to take a closer look at their mileage and forty miles per gallon are some sweet numbers indeed.

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