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A polo shirt is a brief sleeved garment having a knitted collar, with a 2 or 3 button opening for that neck and usually made of cotton. Prior to the polo shirt, long-sleeved formal shirts made from uncomfortable flannel were the usual uniforms for sportsmen. However, these shirts were very impractical for physically demanding sports such as tennis games or polo. Around the 20's, the polo shirt as we know this today, made the first appearance. Made from comfortable fabric, the top was favored by polo as well as tennis players as well because of the short sleeves and turned down training collar. Polo players specially appreciated the collar that stayed down during play, unlike another collars, which would flap about and distract all of them. Also, polo is a formal sport, usually performed by nobility and the elite. The polo shirt was perfect as it mixed a formal elegance and grandeur of the peerage along with sweat and grime of sportsmen, making it an ideal clothing for the sport. From sports to mainstream: Polo shirt goes designer In 1972, Ralph Lauren introduced his version of the polo shirt, which was essentially the exact same design with a few tweaks. However, the introduction of Ralph Lauren polo revolutionized wardrobes all over the world. The polo shirt was no longer limited to the playing field on your own; it started producing appearances at partially casual functions, picnics and everywhere else. The actual garment was originally released in twenty four colors and had a single fit. Today, nearly forty years after it's initial launch, a ralph lauren polo shirt is available in a multitude of dimensions and is appropriate for the entire family. This bit of clothing apparel is extremely versatile and can be perfectly paired with trousers, chinos or dresses. The design of the RL polo is extremely practical and sturdy, without compromising on style. There are bindings round the shoulders and cleavage lines which provide additional assistance. The buttons are double stitched and the button holes tend to be horizontal which reduces the chances of a button popping open. The ankle rehab ebook is longer behind than at the front, that ensures that the top stays tucked within. However, the most important quality of the design is the durability of the stitches. The actual shirt does not stretch easily and can survive repeated washes much better than most other pieces of clothing. Conclusion: Why does every wardrobe need a polo shirt? Not every occasion justifies a formal shirt or a casual tee shirt. There are some semi formal events for which it is vital to have appropriate clothing. For example, a weekend picnic along with senior colleagues is an ideal occasion where partially casual clothing would be needed. Such an event is not formal enough for any shirt, nor informal enough for a round neck tee shirt. A polo shirt perfectly fits the gap between formals and casuals; it's sporty and classy at the same time. Every wardrobe requirements at least one polo shirt, in order to be prepared for every kind of invite.

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