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The knowledge of young ones is plain. Frequently, we as parents want to delight ourselves with the knowledge we may one day have passed onto our kids, but how about the knowledge they already possess? When was the last time you seriously considered the wisdom your son or daughter could give you. Children have this kind of harmless view on-the earth and life, and it is wonderful to-see just simply how much they have already identified over their relatively brief life of just four, six, eight, and 1-1 years.Relax, appreciate, and maybe even understand a couple of things, as these kiddies answer this old problem, When-i grow up...' I want to be the first female leader of-the United States.'- Emma, age 11 'I do want to be considered a doctor. I'll support kiddies. I'll give shots to them. I want them to be happy'- Cynthia, era 7 'I want to be considered a vet and a musician. I prefer to create images. I want to be considered a teacher and teach kids. I wish to become a physician and a nurse.'- Jessica, age 9 'I'll help care for the dogs and cats. I do want to be described as a vet. I want to help to make them better.'- Peyton, era 10 'I do want to be a queen.' - Megan, age 3 'Maybe I can be a medical practitioner, or an artist (like I am) and, maybe I could be a vet, so I could help creatures feel better, and I would probably like to-be creator or maybe music player or....well that's I believe all I wish to be for the time being' - Emma, age 6 'I do want to be-a rapper or anything because it just looks fun. I desire to be a MacDonald's man so I can eat a great deal of food.'- Eric, era 8 'I wish to be ice cream scooper' - Lisa, era 4 '(I need) to be individual, because then you can just play video-games instead of having to be-all intimate and stuff.'- Tyler, age 10 'I want to be a hairdresser.' - Lisa, age 8 'I want to be described as a dragon rider.' - Jake, age 4 'I want to be a cop. I will deliver the bad people-to jail.'- Travis, age 6 'I could become a mentor. I will be a musician. I will show first grade.'- Jilly, age 8 '(I will) spend nearly all of (my) time playing instead of planning to work.'- Tom, age 7 'I want to visit work. If I do not visit work, I'll be described as a soccer player.'- Justin, age 8 'I'm gonna reside in the selection. They've a copy machine!'- Casey, era 7 'I will perform in the NFL. I want to be-a running back in the NFL. I want to be on-the 49ers.'- James, age 9 'I want to play basketball. I wish to end up like Brett Farver. H-e plays for the Packers.' - John, age 8 'I wish to work with sharks because I love them and think they're interesting.' - Anonymous, age 11 'A Barbie.'- Anonymous, age 5 'I do not want to grow up, I don't want to function' - Sara, 5 'An Indy car driver, or if I cannot be that I want to be always a wrestler, and if that does not work I want to be always a NASCAR driver.'- Anonymous, age 9 Nathan, age 8 'A pizza maker.'- Anonymous, age 7 'I do want to become a teacher. I want to teach first grade. I'm going to read to the kids, and I'll do math with them.'- Kelli, age 8 'I would turn into a cook to ensure that people do not deny. I'd make balanced foods.'- Jonathan, age 8 'I do want to be a enthusiast. I do want to collect garbage.'- Malon, age 8 'I do want to have an infant. I want to be a vet. I wish to be a musician. I do want to be considered a teacher. I will teach first grade.'- Chelsea, era 10 'I wish to be described as a mum. I wish to have a baby boy. I wish to identify him Chase.'- Ashley, age 9 'A soccer payoo (Football participant)' - Ross, age 3 'I want to walk on a moon, I want to-be pleased, and I want to complete what I like to complete, like making sound, making faces and making friends - Jarry, age 6 'I want to be a ballet dancer '- Jeanny, era 6 'A dirt bicycle speed.' - Anonymous, era 9 'I want to function as boss'- Zachary, era 7 'I wish to be considered a fairy, a genuine one that can travel' - Casey, age 5 'A Rockstar.'- Anonymous, era 9 'First I am planning to take to play tennis' - Elisabeth, age 8 'Piderman (Spiderman ).'- Anonymous, era 4 'I wish to be described as a ninja' - Jimmy, age 6 'I want to be a superman, first I have to-be bit by a red bat....right here (showing his arm )'- Mikey, era 7 'I don't have an idea what I wish to be yet, do I have to decide now'? - Amy, era 11

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