Write For a Living: Go From Nothing to Having Your First Buyer - Part 2

The 2nd component in this four-part article line about going from nothing to finding your first customer in under per month centers on adding content to your website.If you followed the methods in the preceding article then you will right now have your web hosting, site name and WordPress website put up (if you have gone with anything besides WordPress that's totally fine -- the details in this article are still 100% related ).So, where should you start with adding content to your website?The Main PagesThe three major pages of our website include the home page, about page and contact page, while there are more to follow. I had recommend starting with these three.Home pageCreate an introductory website which states what you do and who you are, and ensure that you include lots of advantages of your service. For example, how your content will help your clients to get more clients, get more exposure online, that sort of thing.Add an url to your contact site and develop a proactive approach which essentially must be something along the lines of 'contact me for amazing content' or something along those lines. Place a number of into your page to ensure that readers can't miss it.About pageThe about page must be more about your support and you than what you can do for your clients. People prefer to employ other people who they feel they understand, so use this page to talk about something you like.Feel free to talk about why you are an author, what you appreciate about it, etc, and make certain you include any details about your-self that might make you more desirable (courses you have just take, prizes you've gained, etc ).This is your chance to make your personality shine through. Ensure it is amusing, severe, whatever fits you.Again, place in a call to action somewhere and a to your contact page or your mail address.Contact pageOn the contact page contain as many ways as feasible for individuals to contact you. An application is normal, and you may also want to incorporate your email, telephone number, facsimile, social networking pages, Skype, or anything else that might make it easier for people to be in contact with you.An handle and a map showing your location is an excellent idea as-well if you don't head providing that information as it can help to assure clients that you're a 'real' organization, but do not feel like you have to (I never did ).Then only put in a little call to action asking readers to contact you for any information or with any questions they've. Try to make people feel that they will not be wasting your time and effort by any means when they contact you since when they have got connected it's easier to transform them into clients.The Service PagesFor your service pages, produce a page for every single service that you're planning to offer. This should be divided up into small articles, long articles, on-line press releases, common press releases, revenue pages, etc, and as numerous other services as you want.Decide in your charges, and then with each company page include details to address exactly what you provide, how much it'll cost, questions you'll have to ask, timeframes for-an average task, and as much information as you can.Visitors will look over these pages cautiously, therefore the more you can provide here the greater. It can also help to prevent people from wasting your time by asking you for something that you do not provide.Once you've produced a page for each company, return to your house page and put in a link to each page from there. This will be great for your navigation and will also allow it to be easier for people to find their way around. You could also need to put links in your sidebar o-r in-the navigation menu to make it even easier for visitors to find their way around.Set Up a BlogA website isn't necessary, but it's a great way to assist visitors to get to know you a little better which can lead to more chance of conversions. You also can use blog articles to provide tips, and you will be able to say to visitors that you understand what you are talking about.Setting up a blog is simple on websites like Word-press, and I'd suggest placing a few times weekly to maintain it normal. You may even make use of the possibility to concentrate each post on a keyword to build more traffic from-the search engines over time.Create a SitemapA sitemap is another way to assist people to find their way around your site. The various search engines also like them, which never hurts.There are a variety of sitemap extensions on WordPress, such as the one I use by Dagon Design which is simple enough for me to use so you shouldn't have any problems with it!NOTE: A word on SEO -- you should try to enter into the habit of optimising all of your pages for keywords. This is particularly true with a website, where you could concentrate on many keywords as time passes, including long-tail keywords. But even with about page and your home page, use applicable key words where you are able to. Nevertheless, I would not worry too much about that. You are not planning to reach the very best of the search engine rankings simply by adding keywords to your major pages, so don't go mad. Nonetheless it won't hurt to get involved with the habit.Next Up: Writing Samples and Your AccountsThis report takes you right up to the stage where you've a whole website up and running. The next point would be to produce some sample articles which you can present to customers and to set up your reports so that you can receive payments rapidly and firmly.

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